Jan 31

Ability to mute people

And finally, the most popular submission.

Jan 30

Ability to communicate with animals

Submitted by lots of people!

Jan 27

Ability to swim through air

Submitted by Chelsea O. and Dušan T.

Jan 26

Jan 25

Toast face

Submitted by CeCe

p.s. For anyone who missed the announcement last night, I launched a Kickstarter Campaign to self publish The Daily Superpower in it’s entirety. If I meet the goal the books will get made, if not I’ll just fade into oblivion.

Jan 24

Jan 23

Mirror skin

Submitted by Freddie

Jan 20

Jan 19

Disco ball hair

Submitted by Eric O.

Shirts & Prints available, can you dig it?

Jan 18

Ability to turn dog breath into jelly beans

Submitted by Katie @ FetchMPLS
(Katie is one of my roommates. If you’re in the twin cities and are interested in fostering or rescuing a dog, or you have a dog and are looking for a trainer, check out her site)

Jan 17

Jan 16

Ability to create caves

Submitted by joe ashclay

Jan 13

Millipede legs

Submitted by henry

Jan 12

Kittens for hair

Submitted by @pandycanes

Jan 11

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